Designing the ship of the future (2)

When: Thursday, Jan 7, 12:00 PM EET

About This Webinar

Mare Forum and Bureau Veritas will host the second online round table of the series “Designing zero-carbon ships of the future and what to do until they are ready”

This theme will be discussed again in a holistic approach, in a roundtable consisting of leading experts of the maritime industry chair-holders. They will exchange their thoughts, ideas, and visions and try to give the answer to the following questions.Agenda

  • Who has a clear view of the design of the ship of the future? (low emissions, greater efficiency, speed, digitalization, materials, engines, etc..)
  • Who will design the ship of the future?
  • What insights do we have into the commercial viability of future ship designs?
  • Who will take the investment risk on these technologies? What is the role of the capital provider and charterer?
  • Is LNG just a transition fuel? Hydrogen, ammonia, batteries, and nuclear?
  • Is there enough infrastructure in ports worldwide to facilitate new fuels?
  • Will we have new trades, requiring new ship types – e.g. hydrogen carriers and ammonia product tankers?
  • Agenda for action – next steps. What can we do now to help accelerate the availability of zero-carbon ships while at the same time reducing shipping’s footprint: slow steaming, retrofits, ESG reporting, and verification?

When: Thursday, January 7, 2021 · 12:00:00 PM · AthensDuration: 1 hour 30 minutesLanguage: EnglishWho can attend? EveryoneDial-in available? (listen only): No

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