Financial Services

Current Yield from Secured Real-Asset Based Sectors


Financial Services

Alternative Credit 

The convergence of a number of factors ranging from new technology to tighter regulations and changing customer expectations, is transforming banking from a collection of vertically integrated corporations to a variety of firms competing at a variety of points.

Alternative credit is seeking to remedy the deficiencies created by the dislocation in both the real assets market and in European banking.  Sectors such as conventional Energy, Commodity Trade Finance and Transportation are ripe for disintermediation as traditional sectoral lenders curtail their exposure.

Alternative credit includes high-yield, bank loans, structured credit and emerging market debt on the liquid side, and strategies such as distressed debt, direct lending and specialty finance on the illiquid side. 

Financial Services


Our strategy is to create a growing leasing platform that will invest in low priced and highly liquid maritime assets that generate long term and stable cashflows. 

Codrus focusses in Maritime Leasing as alternative form of credit that offers distinct advantages to lessees and investors alike. 

It is an Uncorrelated asset class with no correlation to equities, bonds and other transportation sectors.  Given the large fragmented market and the growing demand for credit, maritime leasing offers an opportune entry point for investors, that enjoy stable long term cashflows, as well as first loss and inflation protection.

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Trade Finance 

Trade Finance is the backbone of the global economy. The rise of new consumer classes in emerging markets, the continued appetite for agricultural and energy products, the increased complexity of value chains, provide ample demand for trade finance.

According to studies by the ICC and WTO, the global trade finance gap was estimated between $2 trillion to $3.5 trillion. Given commercial banks’ reducing appetite as a result of tightening regulation and increased capital requirements, as well as [and] the increased costs of risk, more corporate borrowers and as well as small to mid-sized traders are turning to funds for financing. 

Trade finance and in particular structured commodity finance presents a compelling asset class with significant growth potential.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

In an era of unprecedented volatility and turmoil, as well as rapid financial technology advances,  our multi-disciplinary teams are well positioned to mobilize best-in-class expertise where corporates and investors need it the most. We operate across a range of disciplines and apply our capabilities to help our clients achieve their business objectives. 

Deep expertise and commitment to fact-based advice, sector specific expertise, as well as long-term relationships with our clients create positive impact when most needed and deliver comprehensive robust support for their business. Specifically in 

Transaction Advisory
  • Strategic advisory to management and shareholders
  • Execution of M&A, fleet expansion and project finance mandates
  • Acquisition and divesture of assets, loans and companies
Access to capital
  • Debt raising 
  • Corporate (acquisitions) and asset backed finance
  • Support in search for equity and co-investors
Portfolio transactions
  • Due diligence process & coordination (financial, commercial, technical)
  • Management of loans (analysis and valuation of loans, loan documentation, qualified rating classification)
    Comprehensive reporting
    Loan servicing (e.g. internal applications,  risk provisioning requirements, covenant monitoring and enforcement of security rights)
  • Preparation and implementation of customized exit strategies