Harris Antoniou discusses Global Trade, Shipping, Geopolitics at Mare Forum Panel

Quo Vadis? Global Trade, Shipping, Geopolitics

Event by Mare Forum
Online Apr 22, 2021,


An interactive debate between top executives of the shipping and trading industry on the world economy, finance, trade, trade patterns, supply and demand, the change of production and transportation of goods and energy, climate change and environment, new fuels, energy transition, new technologies, risks, and much more.

The Panelists:
– George Gourdomichalis, President & Managing Director, Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A. [MODERATOR]
– Jan Hoffmann, Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, DTL at UNCTAD
– Alessio La Rosa, Global Head of Freight at COFCO International
– Peter Doukas, President at Capital Partners SA and Chairman, ICC The International Chamber of Commerce, Greece
– Arthur Bowring, President Hong Kong Maritime Arbitration Group and Former Managing Director, Hong Kong Shipowners Association.
– Harris Antoniou, Founder and Managing Director of Neptune International AG
– Guy Verberne, Chief Economist, PGGM Investments
– Dimitris Belbas, Head of Shipping Finance, Asia Pacific, Seafin Pte Ltd – Eurofin, Singapore
– Panelist to be announced

Topics to be discussed:

– Are we moving into an era of decreased trade tensions and softer regionalism and protectionism or do we still expect a continuing rise of these phenomena as we have experienced over the recent past ?
– Will we experience the perfect “trifecta” this year and into 2022/2023 with all major commodity shipping (dry, energy, container) going into significant up cycles ?
– If we agree that the “trifecta” is indeed coming is this a combined result of tonnage supply, commodity inflation and post Covid-19 euphoria ? And, if so, will there be new trade patterns, new infrastructure investment and what do we need to do to protect the roaring 2020’s… ?
– Are the politics of Climate change and the discussion of dual fuel vessels and new technology alternative fuel vessels clouding our judgement and pushing us into investments that are not sustainable ?
– Is there money out there to fund a rising market, both on the commodity trade side but also on the transportation side ?
– Risk management vs. the entrepreneirial spirit vs. regulation vs. politics vs. technoligical breakthrough…., too many fronts to fight ?
– and more


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