ZCA Online Event: Trade and Commodity Finance: Up for a Major Global Overhaul?


Banks freeze. What’s next ?

  • Does regulation have to do with it?
  • Fraud in the commodities market: Agritrade, Hin Leong, Zen Rock, Phoenix Commodities, GP Global: too much for the market to bear?
  • Are we in for a Paradigm shift?
  • Who will fund trade? At what terms?
  • Alternative credit providers
  • Digitalization a solution?
  • What about trade & commodity hubs? What does it take to be successful? Is re-onshoring in the cards? Europe fights back?


Harris Antoniou
Partner and Member of the Board of Advent Technologies Inc., a leading producer of fuel cells and core materials, components and processes that will revolutionalize the energy sector.


Wouter Jacobs
At Erasmus UPT Wouter is involved as lecturer in the UPT-minor (Port Cities and Re-gional Development) and as coach in the Masters Seminar ‘Ports and Global Logis-tics’. Wouter is currently active as Academic Director Executive Programme Leader-ship Commodity Trade and Supply Networks and as Academic Director Study Abroad Programme Maritime Studies Nanyang Technological University in Singa-pore.

John MacNamara
Mac is currently the CEO of Carshalton Commodities Ltd, a consultancy in the com-modity trade finance sector working with banks, funds, commodity corporates, in-surers and lawyers.

Stephan Jansma
Stephan Jansma joined Trafigura in August 2013 as Group Head of Structured and Trade Finance. For almost 15 years, Stephan has focused on commodity finance activities in wholesale banking.

Online via Zoom
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