Neptune International AG Announces Rebrand In Line With Expanded Strategic Vision and Growth Aspirations

Zug, Switzerland, February 3, 2023. Neptune International AG, a private investment and advisory firm focusing on high impact technologies & real assets, announced today that it has completed a rebranding to better represent the variety of the sectors represented in its portfolio of investments.

Harris Antoniou, Founder and Managing Director of Neptune International AG , now renamed Codrus Capital AG said:

“As Neptune International AG moves beyond shipping to expand into financial services, fintech and cleantech, we thought it pertinent to endow it with a new identity and name: Codrus Capital AG.”

“What’s in a name?”

“Our rebranding portrays a representation of our values. Codrus was the last of the semi-mythical Kings of Athens. He was an ancient exemplar of going the extra mile, totally committed to the safety of his City. We too go the extra mile to support our investments and partners. Codrus was a descendant of Neptune, the god of the seas, so we thought fitting that the name Codrus would succeed Neptune as we expand beyond shipping.”

“A name that encapsulates commitment, tradition, values and continuity. An identity that inspires confidence, innovation, and longevity.”

“We look forward to continuing servicing our partners and clients with the same vision, determination, and transformative advice to realize their growth ambitions.”

“Welcome to Codrus Capital AG.”

Our newly launched website is



Codrus Capital, headquartered in Switzerland, is a private investment and advisory firm focusing on high impact technologies & real assets. Codrus Capital AG is excited about the opportunities exponential technologies create for humanity and have the vision of helping aspiring European entrepreneurs realize their growth ambitions. Codrus is dedicated to value creation leveraging decades long experience of our partners in Real Assets, Financial Services, Technology.

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Harris Antoniou

Founder & Managing Director

Codrus Capital AG



Investor Relations / Media Advisor

Nicolas Bornozis

Capital Link – New York

Tel. +1-212-661-7566


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