Designing the Future of Maritime Greece

When: Thursday, June 4, 2020 · 11:00:00 AM · Athens

About this Webinar: In this online round table discussion, we will explore the current Greek Maritime Hub and what has to be done to improve it.

The panel will be guided by the following themes:

• A comparison between some of the Global Maritime Hubs and Piraeus-Athens.
• The competitiveness of the Greek Maritime Cluster – What has been done and what to do next?
• What are the conditions for Pireaus-Athens to become one of the global trade hubs?
• The creation of a global maritime, trading, and financial services hub in the Mediterranean.
• The creation of a Start-up and Entrepreneurial friendly environment. What is needed?
• Taxes, Incentives and quality business environment
• Greek ports as a major multimodal hub
• What shall be the role of the Greek Government?

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